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Composant Graphvis 2 pour Primefaces : Dijkstra côté serveur


Dijkstra Example:

On "Generate Graph" click, a graph model is randomly generated on the server side and drawn on the client side.
On "Find path" click, server applies the Dijkstra algorithm looking for the shortest path. if a path is found, server applies red color to all path elements, on the client side the graph is updated and the shortest path is shown.

<p:growl id="growl" />
<h:form id="mainForm">	
	<div style="height:500px;width:100%; border:solid 1px; padding:2px">
		<p:messages id="messages" showDetail="true"/>
		<div id="dijGraphContainer" style="height:70%;">
			<p:graphvis2 id="dijGraph" title="Graphe Dijkstra" value="#{demoDijBean.graphModel}" style="border: 1px solid #ddd;margin: Opx 0;"
				styleClass="ui-datatable ui-widget" widgetVar="graph" >
		<p:commandButton id="cmdGenerate" value="Generate Graph" action="#{demoDijBean.generateGraph()}" onsuccess="graph.synchronize(true);" update=":growl mainForm:messages"/>
		<p:commandButton id="cmdFindPath" value="Find path" action="#{demoDijBean.applyDijkstra()}" onsuccess="graph.synchronize();" update=":growl mainForm:messages" />